Surveillance Services London

Bravo Investigations & Enforcement is one of the best private investigations agencies offering Covert Surveillance Services in London. Our London detective agency has provided a great amount of evidence to aid clients in matrimonial and infidelity cases, insurance fraud, employee moonlighting or alibi verification. We have an excellent mix of surveillance agents both males and females with vast experience in covert surveillance operations. Our London surveillance operatives are mostly former Police Detectives/Ex-Law Enforcement or Military that are fully trained in surveillance operations in London, vetted and insured to take on any cases where direct observation (surveillance) is required.

Covert Surveillance evidence in London

Covert surveillance in London or direct observation is conducted to determine the nature of a claim that is potentially fraudulent. Many private clients, law firms and insurance companies require our London private investigators and surveillance experts to investigate their case and provide them with surveillance evidence. The resulting body of evidence from surveillance services consists of video and photo evidence taken with full HD cameras. Evidence is time stamped automatically by the surveillance equipment to prevent its authenticity. In some cases, the video/film evidence resulted from the surveillance also includes the GPS location from where the video was recorded. This could be useful where the subject denies being at a certain place observed during Bravo Investigations surveillance in London.

Benefits of our London Surveillance Services

Photo or video evidence from surveillance could tip the balance of probabilities in Court and help the client being awarded a resolution or early settlement in their favour. Bravo Investigations is a London surveillance services agency that is being called upon by lawyers, insurance companies and private individuals on surveillance assignments, be it on foot, by car or electronically. Surveillance work has a fast changing nature and we work closely with our clients to ensure that our surveillance operations are effective and no time or money are wasted.
  • Highly experienced ex-Police surveillance operators in London
  • Most advanced surveillance equipment held (full HD video/photo cameras with nigh mode, GPS trackers, covert vans etc.)
  • Dedicated case manager
  • Encrypted communications channel fully GDPR compliant
  • Daily and weekly interim reports
  • Lawfully & ethically compliant evidence irrefutable in Court
  • Comprehensive reports detailing what was observed during the surveillance support by timestamped photo and film evidence
  • Surveillance services in London available 24/7 365 days a year

London’s Top Surveillance teams

For complete peace of mind hire Bravo Investigations for all your surveillance work requirements. See also our private investigations and detective services on offering. We are currently providing surveillance services in London or across the UK.

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