GPS vehicle tracking

GPS vehicle tracking

Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely used to precisely determine and track the carrier location. Our GPS trackers are so precise that we can determine carrier location with a precision of 1 foot. Our private investigators use GPS trackers to aid surveillance operations by covertly placing the GPS tracker on the subject vehicle. These is useful in heavy traffic such as in London and other busy locations. With the GPS tracker our investigators can track the subject vehicle even if they lost tail while in hot pursuit.

The GPS tracker transmits the exact location, speed, direction of travel and even provides a detailed map of the journey in our cloud based real time GPS Tracking platform. The routes are logged in our cloud platform and can be downloaded into most formats. These are useful for understanding patterns of travel and to place the subject vehicle at a certain location along with surveillance footage.

The GPS trackers have a powerful magnetic band that allows them to be covertly placed under the subject vehicle without the risk of being detected or lost during journeys. Depending on the activity levels, GPS tracker battery life span can last between 2-4 weeks.

Once the surveillance operation is concluded our private investigators will remove the GPS tracker from the subject vehicle. The information gathered from the GPS trackers will be provided in our final Report.

Bravo Investigations abides to The ABI ‘Use & Deployment of GPS Electronic Tracking Devices’ Guide & Policy.