Unpaid Invoices? Our Business-friendly 3-Step Letter Success System Formula will Guarantee your invoices being paid immediately

Affordable Debt Recovery Solution for Businesses

Bravo Investigations & Enforcement offers its clients a unique B2B debt recovery solution that is proven to get your invoices paid immediately without the need to go to Court.

What is our 3 Step Letter Formula

Our 3 Step Letter System Formula aids the recovery of outstanding invoices after the invoices become due without the need to go to Court.

We can send the letters on your behalf or we can forward you the letters and you can send them yourself. Our 3 Step letter system has been finely tuned over the years to ensure the invoice gets paid immediately without damaging your relationship with the debtor.

How does the 3 Step Letter system work?

There are 3 letters that are sent to the debtor in a subsequent order once the invoice becomes due. These have been carefully tuned over the years to ensure maximum efficiency and prompt immediate payment without altering the business relationship.

The letters can be sent by email, post or one of our nationwide enforcement agents or enquiry agents can attend the debtor office to hand the letter personally. Each letter precedes the previous one whilst escalating the matter towards a Final Demand with the inherent threat of Court and enforcement action.


1st Letter – usually sent the next business day after the invoice becomes due or within the first 5 working days.

The 1st letter is a gentle reminder the business terms have been exceeded and that payment is required. The letter also sets a short deadline until which the invoice must be paid in full.

90% of debtors will pay their invoice immediately after receiving the first letter.

2nd letter – is sent to the debtor in the rare cases in which the 1st letter has not prompt immediate payment. Worded assertively but professionally the 2nd letter reminds the debtor the outstanding amount is still overdue and immediate payment is required. The letter reminds the debtor that additional charges may be incurred and the matter may escalate if immediate payment is not received in full.

The remaining 8% of debtors will pay at this stage

3rd and Final letter – in the extremely rare cases in which the previous 2 letters have been unsuccessful then the 3rd letter is sent to the debtor. This letter announces that additional charges are incurred such as interest and debt recovery costs under the Late payment of commercial debts act 1998 (as amended) and the invoice will be escalated through the Courts for debt recovery. This letter requires payment immediately as there will be no further notice.

It will be highly unusual not to receive an apology from the debtor and payment in full at this stage. The debtor will usually blame an oversight and make payment in full.

Customise our 3 Step Letter Formula

Here at Bravo Investigations & Enforcement we understand that every business relationship is different. This is why we can adjust the timeline and method of delivery of our 3 Step Letter system to the specifics of your business to ensure your relationship with the debtor is maintained whilst also getting the payment.

For a free confidential discussion about your specific needs simply contact our office on 0208 123 9239 or email info [at] bravoinvestigations.co.uk

How much does your 3 Step Letter System cost?

  • Own the 3 Step Letter Success System Formula
  • Use it every time an invoice becomes overdue
  • Delivered in Word for easy tailoring
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 days Money back Guarantee

From £195+vat Now only £60+vat LIMITED TIME OFFER

Additional services available

  • Instruct us to send the 3 Step Letter system on your behalf for an additional £90+vat.
  • Hand deliver a letter from £180+vat anywhere in the UK. Same day service also available at extra charge.

How do I pay for the 3 Step Letter System?

Simply go to our Payment page and follow the steps provided on the page. Once the payment has been completed email us at info @ bravoinvestigations.co.uk with your payment details. You will then receive a link within 2 hours from where you can download the 3 Step Letter System.

The 3 step letter system success formula is delivered in 3 separated Word documents for easy editing and customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the debtor doesn’t pay?

The overdue invoice can then be escalated through the Money Claim Online portal for a County Court Judgement (CCJ). By following our 3 step letter system you will demonstrate to the County Court full compliance with the Civil Procedures for recovering outstanding invoices.

County Court Judgement (CCJ) with a value below £600

Once the CCJ is awarded if the value is below £600 then the judgment can be escalated for enforcement through the County Court’s own bailiffs.

If the County Court Judgement (CCJ) is over £600

If the value of the debt is above £600 then the CCJ can be escalated to the High Court. This is also known as upgrading a CCJ to the High Court for a Writ of Control.

The fee for upgrading the CCJ to the High Court to obtain a Writ of Control or Writ of Possession is £66. The fee is recoverable from the debtor if the enforcement is successful.

Our approved High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) will request the writ of control from the High Court. The process takes around a week.

Once the High Court writ has been issued a Letter of Enforcement will be sent to the debtor under Schedule 12 of the Taking Control of Goods act 2007. The debtor has 7 clear days to pay all the outstanding amount before a Certificated Enforcement Agent (CEA) can visit their address and demand payment in full.

Failure to pay in full and the Enforcement agent will take control of goods to cover the value of the debt and associated enforcement costs.

Need more information?

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