Matrimonial and infidelity investigation is focused on finding out if your partner is having an affair. Perhaps you suspect your partner of being unfaithful? Maybe you noticed your partner stays longer hours at work without telling you when is coming back? Maybe they switch their phone off during certain hours and then make excuses? Do they stay long hours at the computer or on their phone long after you fell asleep?

Irrespective of what causes your suspicion our private detectives and investigators are going to find out the truth for you. Our detective agency is going to assist you with investigating the whereabouts of your partner and gather the body of evidence required for you to take the best course of action.

Signs your partner might be unfaithful

  • Instinct or “gut” feeling telling you something is going on
  • Partner changes the daily routine
  • Changes in working hours such as staying late for work or going out more frequently with colleagues
  • Changes in sex drive (less or more can work either way)
  • Buying new clothes, new cologne, paying more attention to grooming
  • Partner hides mobiles phone or bank statements
  • Partner spends more time during the night on the mobile phone, PC or laptop
  • Signs of strange smell such as perfume or cologne on clothing
  • Strange hair in the car or on clothing
  • Partner changes the computer password where you had access before

Finding that your partner is cheating can be heartbreaking but if you would like to find out what is really going on it is important that you do not confront your partner. Confronting your partner can lead to arguments and could also potentially jeopardize future surveillance. Our surveillance operations are completely covert and your partner will never know surveillance has taken place.

Should you recognize any of the above matrimonial and infidelity signs then contact our private investigators in complete confidence to advise on next steps.