What is surveillance?

Surveillance refers to “close observation” and is used by a specialized covert surveillance operative known as a private investigator to gather video/photographic legal evidence in regards to the subject actions. In private investigations, surveillance is used in matrimonial investigations, cohabitation investigations, fraud and insurance investigations etc.

Why employ private investigators and not do it myself?

Surveillance is an intrusive technique into one’s privacy and it should be left to professionals that have strong knowledge of laws, regulations and industry best practices. A great surveillance operative will know when surveillance is appropriate, what resources are necessary for an operation to be successful and will also have a bag of knowledge, skill and operational experience that comes with years of practice.

When is surveillance necessary?

Surveillance is necessary anytime evidence is required to prove beyond reasonable doubt the subject is lying about their actions. In other words, if you want to know for “sure” and remove speculation then surveillance is the only way forward.

Is surveillance providing any evidence?

It depends. Surveillance itself does not provide evidence. Surveillance or close observation incorporates a number of techniques used by specialized covert surveillance operators to gather evidence. In other words, as a result of the surveillance operation, the covert operator is able to provide time-stamped video/photographic evidence to aid Court proceedings. The evidence comes in full HD format and is supported by an extensive factual report written by the private investigator in regards to the observation. Both the evidence and report can stand in Courts should the case end there.

Isn’t surveillance illegal?

No. Surveillance isn’t illegal if it’s conducted in the public space. However, in some situations surveillance might not be appropriated and this is why professional advice is necessary to eliminate the doubt of unlawfulness.

How much does surveillance cost?

Surveillance is charged usually at an hourly rate. Fees start from £40.00 per hour plus VAT and can go into the hundreds if the surveillance operation is highly complex and difficult. Traveling time is usually added to the bill total as well as mileage and any other expenses incurred by the private investigator during the surveillance operation. Additional cost can be incurred if the covert operator uses GPS electronic vehicle trackers, drones, black cabs etc.

Do surveillance operators have any qualifications?

Yes and no. There are a number of courses available for surveillance operators however, this is not mandatory. Anyone can be a private investigator in the lack of licensing requirements and this is why we recommend clients to check credentials.

Is surveillance operations always successful?

It depends on the situation. If a private investigator fails to gather evidence is probably either because the private investigator didn’t have the necessary resources to get in the position to gather the evidence, or because there was no evidence available. Each case is unique and therefore is can be difficult to generalize the results.

Without the necessary resources, private investigators chances of ending in a position to gather the evidence are slim. From experience, we have noticed that clients are sometimes more concerned with the costs of surveillance than with the cost of not having the evidence.

A great example is a client who has spent around £2000 for a day of surveillance to ensure our investigators have the necessary resources to gather the evidence and it paid off big time. Based on our investigation, the client has secured an “out of Court” deal in excess of £500k. Not a bad investment considering the circumstances.

I think surveillance is needed. What are the next steps?

We strongly suggest that you speak with our private investigators who are more than happy to assist with qualified advice. We offer a Free no obligation discussion so why not take advantage of it? There is no pressure to buy any of our services at any time.

Is your company legal and insured?

Yes. Bravo Investigations is a trading style of Bravo Security Limited, company incorporated in England and Wales no. 09207327. Our company holds multiple insurance policies and is licensed under Data Protection Act. For a copy of our insurance documents contact our office.