Uncover the truth with our specialist background checks solutions

Bravo Investigations offers a comprehensive array of background check services that can provide our clients will a complete picture of a person’s background and behavior. Unlike other detective agencies, our private investigators conduct backgrounds checks using tools and databases that are not available to the general public.

Our background checks are excellent in disclosing information about a person’s past providing you with peace of mind.

Bravo Investigations can provide you with a full list of background check services:

  • Pre-marriage background checks

Do you suspect that your partner may not be who they say they are? Bravo Investigations can conduct arranged marriage background checks to establish if the person you are talking to is real and if they are genuine in what they say about themselves. Our pre marriage background checks can include: name and date of birth verification, address, nationality.

  • Children’s friends and partners background checks

Are you worried that your underaged child is in a relationship with an older person? Or perhaps your teenager hangs out with the wrong crowd and you are concerned about their entourage?

Our private investigators can conduct background checks and investigative services in your children’s friends and entourage to provide you with the answers you need.

  • Nanny background checks

Leaving your child with a stranger can be a daunting experience for most parents.

Our nanny background checks can assess your nanny’s character so you can be sure your nanny is suitable to be left alone with your youngest.

Our nanny background checks can include work history, reference checks, address history, affiliations with extremist organizations, history of drug and alcohol abuse…

  • Tenants background checks

Are you thinking of taking on a tenant, but you are worried they are not who they say they are?

With our tenant background check you will be able to find out if your prospective tenant is suitable to live in your property. Our checks could include financial solvency, investigation into the tenant character (checking references to find out if the tenant is clean and tidy, respects other people properties, if they smoke etc.).

Our checks could also include investigation into sub-lettings, conducting illegal activities onto the property or having an unauthorized pet.

  • Employee Background Check
  • Background Checks for Employers

Get a full picture of a persons background and behaviour:

  • Previous addresses
  • Family background
  • Bankruptcies, county court judgments and undisclosed debt
  • Criminal history
  • Previous marriages, divorces, and relationships
  • Employment background
  • Academic history
  • Gambling debts
  • Hidden assets
  • Driving offences
  • Reference Checks
  • Track & Trace
  • Document Verification
  • Social media screening
  • Executive Team Due Diligence
  • Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)
  • Compliance/Anti-Money Laundering Check
  • Terror Check
  • Pre-Placement Health Assessments
  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • Global Security Check

Who can benefit from our background checks?

  • Individuals
  • Financial Services Firms
  • Recruitment firms and employment agencies
  • Charities
  • Government & public bodies
  • Educational institutions
  • Legal & Accounting firms
  • Healthcare trusts and charities

Room rent investigations

Are you about to rent on a room perhaps you are not in the country or away, and you must pay a  deposit but you are not sure about the landlord being genuine?

There are increasing numbers of people being scammed by people posing as landlords, taking deposits and vanishing with the money.


Fake landlords Investigations

Do you need to secure accommodation in the UK from overseas?

Are you concerned you could be scammed of your deposit? Are you looking to rent a room from one of the online renting websites

  • SpareRoom
  • Roomgo
  • Openrent
  • HelloAcasa
  • RoomsforLet
  • Zoopla

Bravo Investigations can verify your landlord identity and check the property is in fact registered to them before you send them any money. Our landlord background checks are very useful for tenants and lodgers that are looking to rent a room or a property.

Property visits

Have you seen an ad online for a room or property and you are not sure that the person you going to meet is in fact the landlord? Or perhaps you are concerned about your safety during the visit. We can assist with background checks on the landlord as well as accompanying you during your visit.


What are background checks?

Background checks are used to establish facts about individuals and companies. People might lie about their past, their relationship status, work, business interests, criminal record and so on. Our background check services will differentiate facts from fiction and bring the truth to the surface, so our clients can make an informed decision about the subject trustworthiness.

Who makes background checks?

Background checks are frequently conducted by our private investigators in matters regarding:

  • Background checks
  • Online Dating Checks
  • Employment Background Checks
  • Tenant Background Checks
  • Company Background Checks
  • Pre-Matrimonial Background Checks
  • Nanny Background Checks
  • International Background Checks
  • Due Diligence & Adverse Media

To enquiry about our background checks services please contact us directly because we also provide tailor-made background check solutions to meet exact individual requirements.

How can I book a free consultation call?

Simply call our experts for a free no obligation chat in complete confidence on +44 0208 123 9239 or email info [at] bravoinvestigations.co.uk