Best Counter-Surveillance solutions in the UK

Are you suspecting of being placed under surveillance? Are you worried that your rights to privacy are being breached? Perhaps you suspect an ex-lover is stalking you, or a rival is monitoring your every movement. Irrespective of the reason for being unlawfully placed under surveillance, Bravo Investigations can help.

Counter-Surveillance Specialists

Bravo Investigations have years of experience in offering counter-surveillance solutions and detecting malicious behavior. Our counter-surveillance services are results oriented. We discuss with you the roots of your concerns and then advise on taking the appropriate actions to remedy the cause of the issue.

What is Counter-Surveillance

Counter-Surveillance is used in detecting if a subject (our client) is unlawfully monitored through a variety of measures

  • counter-surveillance to detected one or more covert surveillance operators directly observing our client
  • Bug Sweep – client’s house, vehicle, phones, work environment, etc.
  • Infiltration in various environments to detect malicious behavior such as espionage
  • GPS tracker detection
  • Counter-Intelligence and more

Should you suspect a rival is trying to take an upper hand on you through unlawful means, then our counter-surveillance services could prove essential to annihilate their attempts.

Get in touch with our private investigators to discuss your case in the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Call our London office on +44 0208 123 9239 or email us at info [at] with your case details and we will be in touch as soon as possible.