Is My Husband Having an Affair?

We received an assignment in which the wife was suspecting the husband of having an affair with another woman during a business trip. The wife was suspecting the husband for a very long period of time but she was unable to provide any proof he was having an affair. The husband had always denied having an affair.

Following a day of surveillance, our private investigators gathered video and photographic evidence of the husband infidelity. The cheating husband and an unknown female were caught on camera kissing, holding hands and exhibiting a behavior that led our investigators to believe the husband was in fact in a romantic relationship with the female.

As a direct result of our investigation, The client was able to secure a divorce deal in which she becomes the main guardian of the couple children and also of the couple property and assets.

What are the signs your Husband may be Having an Affair?

There are a number of signs that might indicate that your husband is having an affair. Your husband may become colder towards you, may try to hide their phone messages and emails, provide sketchy information about his whereabouts, stay late at work, claim to go out with friends that you don’t know, have lipstick and strange smells on their clothing, be more careful than before with his diet, buy new clothes and be excessively careful with his looks.

What to do if you suspect your husband of having an affair?

The only way to find out beyond reasonable ground if your husband is having an affair is to speak to our private detectives. If you aren’t sure if you can afford our private investigator services why not take advantage of our Free consultation? It’s completely confidential and we offer qualified impartial advice for the best course of action.

A senior member of our investigative team will explain to you the next steps and provide you with a transparent pricing structure for the work. Rest assured there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises with Bravo Investigations.