Our detective agency provides a worldwide test purchase service in which clients can book a private investigator to verify how a certain service or product is delivered in regards to a set number of parameters.

Using this service can unveil information about a certain product or service that will otherwise be difficult to observe. Our test purchase services can:

  • check how a product or service is supplied
  • check product/service quality
  • unveil bad practices by employees such as selling prohibited goods to age-restricted individuals
  • discover malpractice by medical staff
  • verify if a certain process is followed by employees
  • unveil bad practices by management

Our investigators will provide a full report with our findings. The report can stand in Court should this be required.

Test purchase services are popular with those involved with trading prohibited goods such as business owners of bars, shops, restaurants, online shops, retailers etc.

Our test purchase service can also be used in connection with the Licensing Act 2003 to verify if your staff abides by current legislation before the Trading Standards or Police visits your premises.

To discuss your test purchase requirements in complete confidence contact us today.