Bravo Investigations & Enforcement provides Enforcement Services Nationwide

We have a team of highly experienced Enforcement Agents across the UK and we can provide a quick and efficient Enforcement Service with over 95% success rate.

Our Enforcement Services include:

Benefits of using our Certificated Enforcement Agency:

  • Highly experienced Bailiffs
  • We can serve notices and evict within 2 hours
  • Nationwide Enforcement services
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • State of the art case management system

What is an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff)?

Enforcement Agents collect unpaid debts on behalf of creditors. Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) have the legal power to collect and sell goods to cover the debt and fees charged to the debtor. They need warrants and writs of control (for County and High Courts) in order to do this. Enforcement Agent is the official name for bailiff since revised regulations in 2014, although the term “bailiff” is still used.

Who can use an Enforcement Agent (bailiff)?

Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) are used by local authorities, government departments and private individuals.

What is the difference between a certificated Enforcement Agent and a private debt collector?

The main difference between a certificated Enforcement Agent and a private debt collector is that the enforcement Agents have completed the certification process and are authorised by the Court to act, whereas a private debt collector are employees of a private company. They do not have the same legal power as Certificated Enforcement Agents. Debt collectors are not allowed to take control of goods. Bravo Investigations & Enforcement has Certificated Enforcement Agents.

The certification process enables the Court to exercise a degree of control over the standards of competence and conduct of these enforcement Agents. The certificate, granted by the County Court, authorises the Enforcement Agent to take control of goods anywhere in England and Wales. To qualify for a certificate, the applicant must satisfy the court that they are a “fit and proper” person to act as an enforcement agent. The applicant must prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the law and procedure relating to powers of enforcement and provide a security bond.

What type of debts can Certificated Enforcement Agents recover?

Certificated Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) can take control of goods and act on a warrant issued by the

County Court for various types of debt such as:

  • rent arrears
  • council tax arrears
  • non-domestic rates
  • parking fines
  • child support agency arrears

Additionally to Enforcement Services, we provide:

  • Empty property checks
  • Boarding up
  • Security Services
  • Physical security (Bollards, Fences, Barriers)
  • Mobile security patrols

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