bug sweep

Bravo Investigations offers the best bug sweep services in the UK

The highly effective bug sweep service offered by our detective agency are designed to remove any devices or programs that may be used to spy on you. This protective service is offered to clients who suspect they are targeted by a rival, enemy or due to espionage. Our bug sweep services can detect and remove any sort of electronic and technical surveillance equipment planted in a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, residential home, car, office building etc.

Bug sweep services are designed to detect and remove any electronic or technical surveillance equipment used for eavesdropping or stalking.

Illegal eavesdropping is more common than you may think and may affect anyone no matter their position or status. Eavesdropping or stalking may be related to a lengthy divorce, in litigation with your business associate, or the employer, neighbors, an organization or an enemy of the family that is trying to get an upper hand on you.

The threat to your privacy cannot be ignored and therefore it’s important to eliminate the threat from illicit eavesdropping and tracking devices as soon as possible. The cost of not taking action can be dear and even affect your personal safety, your finances and ultimately the quality of your livelihood.

Bravo Investigations uses the latest technologies and professional bug sweep equipment available on the market to quickly and efficiently detect and remove surveillance them.

Our advanced bug sweep service includes:

  • near-field transmitter locators
  • advanced NLJ detectors
  • GSM locators.

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