How to instruct our Process Servers

Bravo Investigations & Enforcement have male and female Process Server Agents ready to provide legal document service Nationwide covering the whole of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and British Channel. We also have local process server agents in every Country and City across the world through an accredited network of process servers, enquiry agents, private investigators or bailiffs.

Our process servers can be quickly instructed by email, by post or by arranging collection of the documents either from your office or from the Courts. To instruct us simply email your documents to our email address.

If the original documents need serving, then post them to our Head Office along with an additional copy which we may exhibit to proof the service. Our Head office manager will then allocate your case to a local process server for personal service of the documents.

Where to post legal documents

Head office address

Bravo Investigations & Enforcement

Unit C1, First Floor, Damsel House

Dragonfly Place



Same Day Process Service

Some legal documents need urgent serving – Non-Molestation Orders, Injunctions, Order to Attend Court for Questioning etc. therefore quick personal service is essential. For urgent servings, we carry out the Same Day Nationwide Process serving.

For rushed same day process service we recommended to contact our office on +44 0208 123 9239 prior to sending any papers. Depending on the case particularities, some documents may need to be sent directly to the local process server covering that area to speed up the process service.

When instructing us it is important to include the name of the person handling the case, the case reference number, as well as information regarding whether the instruction is privately funded or funded through the legal aid agency. Also, try to include any additional information useful for the process server to identify the right person at the right place.

Useful information when instructing process servers

-Picture or details about particularities (such as tattoos, height, dressing style)

-Times on/off work

-Workplace address

-Details of vehicle driven

-Phone number (if known)

Receiving your process service instruction – what happens next

We acknowledge safe receipt of your instruction by email or phone within an hour. We will then keep you updated until papers are served.

Steps after the Court Order is served

Our process server will forward a Statement of Service / Affidavit along with an exhibit of the documents served in a sealed envelope. These will also be scanned and forwarded via email after the instruction is completed along with our report and invoice.

How to contact our process servers

If you are not sure of anything or need more information regarding process serving why not call and talk with our friendly team of experts? – Call our Head Office on +44 0208 123 9239 or email info [at]

Benefits of using our process servers

-Same day nationwide process service at no extra cost

-Dedicated account manager

-Highly experienced process servers and enquiry agents

-Our process servers are ABI members that have been extensively vetted, hold fully comprehensive insurance and have a proven track record in process serving

Thank you for choosing Bravo Investigations & Enforcement as your primary legal support agent.

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