Man caught ‘tampering’ with Rangers player Alfredo Morelos’s £150,000
Lamborghini was a ‘PI hired by star’s pregnant wife to fix GPS tracker' -
but she denies claim saying 'show me the evidence'

Striker Alfredo Morelos saw a man 'tampering' with his £150,000
He chased the man who later handed himself into police to explain his
The private investigator claimed he had been hired by Morelos' wife
Police said the man, 29, was arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace

By Annie Butterworth For The Scottish Daily Mail and Darren Boyle for

The wife of Rangers footballer Alfredo Morelos has denied asking a private
investigator to fit a tracker to her husband's Lamoborghini.
Yesenia Morelos wrote on social media that she had not employed the man to
fit a tracker to her husband's £150,000 car.
Police were called after a man was seen 'tampering' with the Colombian
striker's car leading to fears somebody had interfered with the
high-performance car's braking system.

Yesenia Morelos, has denied claims that she employed a private
investigator to fit a tracker to her husband's £150,000 Lamborghini
Morelos saw a man beside his car, and gave chase. The 23-year-old Rangers
striker was afraid someone was interfering with the braking system of his

A private detective later went to police and said he had been employed by
Mrs Morelos to fit a tracker to her husband's car
Morelos chased the man who later handed himself into police to explain
what he was doing.
The 29-year-old man told police he had been employed by the striker's wife
Yesenia Morelos, a claim which she denies.
Morelos, 23, is said to have chased the man on foot as he fled the scene.
The investigator was interviewed by officers in the presence of a
solicitor advocate and charged with breach of the peace, the Sunday Mail

It is understood prosecutors are looking into whether the private eye has
breached the star’s privacy by trying to attach a GPS device to the
vehicle. Police Scotland have since removed the car, which cost around
According to The Sun, Mrs Morelos, who is heavily pregnant with the
couple's first child, has denied allowing access to her husband's car in a
series of social media posts written in Spanish.

A source told the Sunday Mail: ‘He [the investigator] was worried about
the things being said between fans online, particularly the idea that
someone was attempting to harm Morelos by cutting his brakes.
‘After taking legal advice, he thought the best thing to do was hand
himself in to police and give his side of the story.
‘He has told officers he is a professional investigator who was hired by
Morelos’s wife. The police thanked him for coming in and taking this
responsible step.’

The man served in the Armed Forces and performed a specialist
reconnaissance role within the Army. Mrs Morelos is pregnant with the
couple’s first child.
Morelos' car was later taken away on a low loader so it could be fully
checked out to determine whether it had suffered any damage.

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