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Investigation Case Studies

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Instruction – The client was an individual residing outside the United Kingdom who lost child custody after court proceedings. The assignment directed us to trace the underage child in order for the parent to engage with the school authorities to receive School Reports, attend Parents Teachers meetings etc with the aim of formally establishing contact with the child. The last contact with the child was some eight (8) years ago.

Solution – Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the inquiry, we have taken additional steps in our due diligence to ensure the individual was indeed allowed to make formal contact with the child. Due diligence included contacting the solicitors involved in the case, liaising with the Courts and Authorities and other private investigation agencies to ensure nothing prohibited formal contact between the individual and child.

The client provided an old address which was linked to the former spouse. Based on this information and further tracing inquiries we have to advise the best course of action will be to conduct a covert surveillance operation during a school day to establish (1) if the child lives at the address and (2) where is the child attending school. The location presented additional challenges with multiple exits and a very busy main street that had no parking spaces. We have employed two (2) covert surveillance operatives and following a period of observation and then a pursuit in traffic and on foot, our operatives obtained photographic and video evidence confirming the trace had been successful. 

Result – Bravo Investigation’s field operatives were able to locate both the child home address and the school it was attending concluding the investigation as successful. The report along with the evidence was presented to the client within 5 days from the initial instruction.

The client was extremely satisfied with how efficient our investigation was and as a result, they were able to resume contact with the child.


Instruction – Bravo Investigations received a telephonic enquiry from a married individual who was concerned their spouse might have an affair. Following the initial free consultation, it emerged the same pattern seen in adultery cases. The client was concerned about the partner whereabouts after finishing work and instructed our uk private investigators to commence a period of observation.

Solution – We have discussed with the client what options are available and proceed with our detective investigator services to set up a surveillance operation with (1) operative. The client budget did not allow for more expenditure and therefore only one (1) operative was deployed at the subject workplace. The operative followed the subject on foot through Central London’s Underground and tram services. After the subject left the pub where they were celebrating with colleagues it was approached by an unknown individual who becomes intimate with the subject. The subject was holding hands and was seen kissing the unknown individual. Our operative was able to obtain photographic and video evidence by employing a covert recording camera set. Their behaviour was caught on camera by our operative and observed for a number of minutes until the subject along with its partner made their way to an enclosed location.

Result – Bravo Investigation’s surveillance operative have informed the client about the unfolding events and following the client instruction, concluded the investigation. The timestamped video and photographic evidence were made available to the client the following day along with our extensive report. Based on our expert witness evidence our client initiated divorce proceedings and managed to secure their child’s custody.

While going through a divorce is disturbing and emotionally draining our client found the strength to express its satisfaction with the efficiency and professionalism of our investigative service.

“I have no hesitation to recommend Bravo Investigation’s team for any matrimonial and infidelity cases. Their irrefutable evidence helped me to secure my daughters’ custody and proved beyond reasonable doubt that my ex-wife was cheating on me.” G.Robertson – Private client


Instruction – Bravo Investigations received an instruction from a large US corporation to conduct an investigation regarding a senior member of their organization that worked from an office in Central London, UK. It was alleged that said senior manager was leaving the office during business hours disappearing for long periods of time without anyone knowing their whereabouts. Because the subject had access to sensitive information regarding the organization, and because their absence was affecting an entire department productivity the client instructed our private detectives to commence an investigation to trace the senior manager whereabouts.

Solution – After consulting the client we have decided the best modus operandi will be to commence a surveillance operation using covert recording camera sets in order to capture photographic and video evidence of the employee whereabouts. For this taskBravo Investigations deployed some of the most experienced surveillance operatives in London to conduct the operation. One agent had over thirty (30) years background in the Police force with over fifteen (15) years spent in surveillance teams.

Result – This was by no means an easy surveillance task due to Central London’s heavy foot traffic, security patrolling the building and multiple exits. After a number of days where the subject called in sick, we had a breakthrough when the subject came to work and then left the building heading to an unknown location. Our surveillance agents recognized the subject and followed on foot to a nearby pub where the subject was seen drinking numerous pints of beverages over an extended period of time.

Following further instructions from the client, our surveillance operatives have concluded the observations. The irrefutable photographic and video evidence provided the following day along with our extensive report have empowered our client with the body of evidence necessary to take the best course of action.


Instruction – Bravo Investigations was contacted by a trustee of a company to trace a debtor that disappeared after receiving a lump sum of money for building work. The alleged debtor vanished after receiving payment and did not answer any of our client correspondence. The client took the debtor to Court and won, however, they were unable to locate the judgement debtor in order to effect service of legal documents.

Solution – We have used our Credit Referencing accounts to trace the debtor back to an address that had a different number than those of our client. Upon confirming the trace using databases inquiries and credit referencing, Bravo Investigation had deployed enquiry agents to the new location to ascertain the debtor whereabouts. Our agents also made enquiries to ascertain if the debtor had any goods such as vehicles, tools etc. that can be seized to cover the outstanding debt.

Result  – Following the successful trace and an outstanding detective field work our private investigator managed to locate the judgement debtor. As a result of our tracing and local inquiries, our client was able to recover the debt after we have liaised with High Enforcement agents and seized the judgement debtor vehicles. When put in the situation to pay or have the vehicles taken away the judgment debtor paid the debt in full.


Instruction – Bravo Investigations received an instruction to trace and serve legal documents (“prohibitory injunction”) upon six (6) individuals in regards to Court proceedings. One (1) person was a tenant and the other five (5) individuals whereof no fixed adobe and the client had little hope we will manage to locate them.

Solution – Our private investigator commenced local inquiries to a known address and quickly locating the first (1) defendant and effected service of legal documents. Our investigator went above and beyond in their efforts to locate the others and after a number of local inquiries managed to obtain phone numbers and potential addresses for two (2) defendants. Later that day, through persistence our investigator located two (2) defendants in a local park and a third in a homeless shelter.  After receiving some further intelligence it emerged that the remaining two (2) defendants are potentially attending an address the following day. Our detective made their way to the location and managed to identify and serve the legal document upon the defendants.

Result  – Through an outstanding detective works our private investigator and process server successfully located and effected service of the legal documents. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and forwarded the following feedback for our private investigator. The testimonial can be accessed here.