What is Process Serving?

Process serving is a service private investigators or process serving agencies provide to legal firms, solicitors, local authorities, landlords, land owners or private clients.

Process serving or service of legal documents involves personally handing a set of legal documents to an individual or legal representative of an organization.

Personal service is necessary to certify that the person named on the documents has in fact received and is aware of them.

What will happen if legal documents were sent by post?

Personal service is required to avoid any doubt the respondent or the person named on the paperwork has received the documents. When documents are posted but not personally served, the person may claim they haven’t received them from various reasons.

This will put to a stop the legal process because the respondent will not be aware of the documents and therefore unable to seek legal advice.

When a process server personally serves the documents the emphasize is on the respondent to prove they haven’t received them.

The process server will then sign a Certificate of Service and/or Statement of Service to certify that the documents were personally served on the person named on the documents. In some cases, the process server will swear an Affidavit in front of a Solicitor or Notary Public to testify the serving.

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Legal Process Server

We hand deliver a variety of notices and legal documents: Prohibited Steps Order, Occupation Order, Bankruptcy Petition, N84, N39, Witness Summons, Winding Up Petition, Possession Order, Statutory Demand, Non-Molestation Order, N79a, Divorce Petition.

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