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Surveillance or covert surveillance is the process in which a covert operator gathers evidence through direct observation of a subject. The covert surveillance operator observes the actions, behaviour and whereabouts of a subject and records these using a covert recording camera set. The body of evidence produced through direct observation is admissible in Court. The evidence is delivered in the form of a report containing the expert witness accounts observed during the covert surveillance operation.

The body of evidence is timestamped and cannot be challenged in Court. It is an irrefutable account of what had happened at the time and place of the investigation. The investigator’s role is to gather evidence to determine whether the claim is fraudulent or legitimate.

All surveillance instructions undertaken: Static Observations, Mobile Surveillance, Covert Surveillance and GPS Tracking. Our covert surveillance operators have backgrounds with the Police and in covert surveillance teams and can take on any assignment no matter how big or small. All our covert operators are trained in latest technologies and techniques and we use updated state of the art equipment for the clearest high-definition picture image.

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