Private Detective agency boast internships amid lack of opportunities within the industry

London, UK – Bravo Investigations launched today an internship program for students to learn the trade of private investigations amid a lack of job opportunities in the investigation industry. 

Bravo Investigations aims to lead the way as an equal opportunity employer within the investigation industry by offering internships to “top of the class” students through an internship program that will facilitate the opportunity for graduates to join the agency.

The call comes due to an acute lack of jobs in the industry which practically makes it impossible for people to find work as private detectives.

“If we want to have the next generation of Sherlock Holmes then we need to create jobs for talented individuals today. It takes time for a person to acquire the necessary skills to become a competent private investigator. The lack of job opportunities will prevent talented people to work in the industry and will redirect them towards other professions. This will leave our industry without many talented individuals which could’ve to turn up to become great private investigators should’ve they had a chance.” – said Cezar Ionica, Director of Bravo Investigations.

Interns could bring in new concepts, ideas and perspectives which could be beneficial for the industry growth. The interns will gather work experience in their respective fields of study whilst also learning the trade of private investigations thus acquiring important skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.  

Our commitment is to teach the trade of private investigations to a more diverse workforce that can uphold our trade to the highest standards for the years to come. By doing so, we also want to encourage other detective agencies to offer a route into the industry either by creating jobs or by offering internships opportunities.

Creating job opportunities will help investigation agencies to expand due to most of them being a one-man-band. The result could be hundreds of new jobs being created that in turn will help our industry to grow.