Our process servers can collect legal documents from your office, or we can receive them by post or email, and then proceed to effect personal service of said documents the same day at no extra cost. We operate a transparent fee which includes up to three (3) attempts and Certificate of Service. Following the court service of legal documents, we can also provide sworn Affidavits which will be posted to your office the same day.

The standard fee for effecting court serve of legal documents is £150 which includes up to three (3) attempts and Certificate of Service. We may offer a discount on the standard fee for bulk and repetitive assignments.

Our process servers can effect personal service of any of the following Legal documents: ASBO, Bankruptcy Proceedings, Claim Forms, County Court Documents, Divorce Proceedings, Document Collection, Domestic Violence, Family Court and High Court, Injunctions, Insolvency, Matrimonial, Notices Displayed, Squatters Proceedings, Statutory Demands, Witness Statements, and Summonses.

We understand that you may be worried to change your current Process Server or perhaps you never used a process server before and you are in doubt who to choose. If in doubt, we recommend to send us a test instruction to ascertain for your own peace of mind our responsiveness and professionalism. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with any of our legal support and investigative services.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your process service requirements in more detail.